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Alex and Rusty

Alex Tkacenko

Alex Tkacenko is OEM Deputy Coordinator of Plumsted Township, who is responsible for K-9 search and recovery missions. Alex has been working and training all types of K9’s since 1992. He has instructed, evaluated on certified K9’s himself and certified other K9 handlers for Bloodhound Human Scent Trailing, Live Find Air Scent, and Human Remains Detection dogs for land and water. He trains K9's to the standards of NJPCA of the USPCA to certify all police K9's of Police Patrol Dogs, Explosive, Cadaver, Narcotics, Accelerant Detection and Live Search Dogs.

Alex is the current sitting President for the Search & Rescue Council of New Jersey and Co-Founder and Chief of Central Jersey K9 Search & Rescue. He has been a member of Berkeley TWP Underwater Search & Rescue since 2017. A TEEX Canine Search Specialist FEMA & US&R, and Task Force Leader. Alex's has trained and handled dogs in human remains detection, live find air scent, human scent trailing, narcotics detection, competitive sheepdogs and various types of hunting and sport type dogs, etc... Handling all types of dogs from basic obedience to advance off leash control and behavioral problems. He's also an evaluator for NASAR.

Alex Tkacenko currently handles K9 Dixie, a Bloodhound specialized in Tracking/Trailing. K9 Indy, a GSD specialized in Human Remains Detection and K9 Vegas, a GSD specialized in Man Trailing, Live Find Area and Human Remains Detection.

Alex is also Owner of Goose Runners, Llc. utilizing dogs to manage geese throughout New Jersey. This will be his 3rd year instructing at North Penn.

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