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Christine Ronsisvalle

Chris is an Operational K9 Handler with K9 ALERT, a K9 search and rescue team registered with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. K9 ALERT is used to assist local Law Enforcement and other agencies to locate lost or missing people. Chris has been an active member of the team since 2006 and has responded to over 100 search missions throughout Virginia.  In her search career Chris has worked a dog in both the Live-Find and Human Remains Detection (HRD) disciplines.  Chris is currently working her third operational dog who is cross-trained in both Live-Find and HRD as well as water recovery.  Chris is a State Evaluator for the Virginia K9 Air Scent and HRD Teams and has taught at many search and rescue seminars, sharing knowledge with other eager handlers.


In addition to K9 search and rescue, Chris is a member of her County’s Community Animal Response Team (CART) providing shelter for animals in any emergency situation. Her CART team has provided shelter to hundreds of animals of more than a dozen species seized because of abuse and neglect. Her CART team also assists Animal Control by providing shelter to animals rescued from animal fighting rings.

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