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Ann Frank

Having started in search and rescue in 2015, Ann quickly went all in and trained to become an operational handler with Western Maryland K9 Search & Rescue. Ann is currently working with her second operational dog, Tokkie, although her first operational partner, Bogan, is still a staple on the team for events and outreach. Ann's love for training and behavior started before she could drive herself to group classes. Now, she works as a registered veterinary technician and practice manager, with over 15 years of her (longer than she will publicly admit) career focused in small animal emergency and critical care. Because of Bogan, she gained a deep interest in preventative fitness for working dogs. This combines all of her interests: working dogs, training, and veterinary medicine! Ann loves the "fiddly parts" of training, finding creative ways to break down behaviors, and focuses on creating positive associations to build solid foundations that will carry the dog beyond certification and into the field.

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