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Samantha E. Sheaffer

Samantha has been involved in animals since growing up on the family farm. She's an EMT and has been in SAR since 2018 with a strong focus in Live Find and Human Remains Detection. Samantha is a member of Northern Tier K9 Search & Rescue. She has trained multiple dogs and strongly utilizes science-based training methods, although she does not sway away from any specific methodology in training if it helps the dog in front of you to learn. She believes in efficiency and clear communication to achieve efficacy and loves watching teams' progress. Samantha has certified dogs in area search, article search, and human remains detection through NASAR and NSDA. Samantha is an evaluator with NSDA. Currently, she is working canines' Larrikin in area search and article search, and Heiway in human remains detection. Both dogs are Australian Koolies. This will be her first year instructing with us.

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