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Kathryn Bamford
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Kathryn Bamford, Ph.D.

Kathryn's love of the outdoors (including hiking, camping, rock and ice climbing, kayaking, x-country skiing), and dogs brought her to SAR and then K9 SAR. She has been with Massasauga SAR Team in Rochester NY, a general SAR team providing land searchers, crew bosses, K9 resources and search management, for 20 years. She is the Field Officer and K9 Officer for the team, a NYSDEC certified Crew Boss/Searcher I, the K9 Coordinator for the NYS Federation of Search and Rescue Teams, and a K9 Evaluator for the NYSFEDSAR. In addition, Kathryn is a SAR Instructor for the International Police Work Dog Association (IPWDA). She has certified and worked four dogs in various disciplines including Disaster Search, Wilderness Air scent, Land Human Remain Detection (HRD), Crime Scene HRD, Articles/Evidence, and Water Recovery. She is currently working K9 #3 (GSD, HRD-only, Land and Water) and K9 #4 (Golden Retriever, Wilderness Air scent Live, Recovery and Articles/Evidence). Her search experience has been in wilderness, rural and urban areas of NY State and New England. In her life outside of Search & Rescue, Kathryn is a practicing Clinical Psychologist, with graduate training in Neuroscience. This is Kathryn's 2nd year instructing at North Penn.

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